Why CuringCare is the best Hospital Management Software in India?

Cloud based Hospital Management Software is a platform that allows you to take all the major Hospital activities online and helps in managing them effectively in a robust manner. Since the Covid-19 outbreak has occurred, it has become difficult and as well as risky for Hospitals to manage everything offline. This has made advanced technology-based Online Hospital Management Software is the need of an hour. 

While there are hundreds of options available for Hospitals among different Hospital Management Softwares in India, our customers have chosen us after exploring a lot of those options. We are happy to share that CuringCare has proved to be the best Hospital management software for them.

CuringCare - Extra Care by Extra-ordinary Technology– One Stop Solution for Hospital Management 

CuringCare is a Hospital management software that was launched with an idea to provide an advanced and easy-to-use software system to the Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics. It was launched with the objective of allowing health institutions to manage their day to day functions effectively.

We have created a one-stop solution for managing the administration of whole Hospital activities including patients, staff, admissions, wardes, hostel, inventory, ambulance, blood bank etc. It caters to all the needs and requirements of Hospitals, patients and ensures effective functioning of the institution. It Effectively manages all the aspects of O P D,I P D,Diagnostic Billing,Financial Accounting,Mediclaim & Payment Gateway Management,I C D Database Updation,Pharmacy,Staff Administration & Duty Chart Management,Payroll & Statutory Records Management,Attendance Management,Stores & Inventory Management,Point of sale,Diagnosis,Medical Reports Management,Appointment Management,Casualty and Ambulance,Blood Bank Management

How is CuringCare different from others?

CuringCare is designed by working closely with 100s of stakeholders of health organizations to solve key problems through modern technology solutions. Our young and passionate team of professionals is fully dedicated to the betterment of the platform and better customer experience. Our relentless efforts to innovate and bring the best of technology are putting us in a totally different league than others. 

Our uniquely designed customer onboarding and support mechanism become an additional reason for a conviction to choose CuringCare and nothing else. Having a dynamic system that supports self-configuration and detailed rights-based access brings an ultimate level of experience to our customers.

Some Important Features

The Modules available in the CuringCare gives you all the tools required to manage Hospital activities effectively and in a robust manner. We have listed some among a lot of the features of Hospital Management Software available under CuringCare to enlighten you about our software and why it has been chosen by so many customers who are happily promoting us.

Out Patient Department Management (OPD)

OPD Registration Billing Receipts Discount details Consultantcharges based on regular Night Emergency Panel Time wise rate.Handle Revisits. All relevant information is transferred to the IPD as well as Investigation departments.

In Patient Department Management (IPD)

IPD Registration IPD Billing Receipts Discount details Bed Allocation Transfer Ready Not Ready Rooms Room maintenance OT Billing Patient's Outstanding Alerts Discharge Further Medication and treatment planning.

Diagnostic Billing

Diagnostic Billing. Bill settlements to rooms mediclaim staff complimentary other than cash cards etc. For Pathology Laboratory Radiology Sonography X-Ray. Barcoding facility

Financial Accounting

'CuringCare' has a Complete Financial Accounting software built in it. Having entire accounting features in it CuringCare' generates all types of account books TriaI Balance Income Expenditure Statement Balance sheet etc. User can print vouchers. Track cheques issued or received. Can print cheques alert sundry debtors.

Mediclaim Payment Gateway Management

Mediclaim Form Generation and Submitting. Tracking and following up for bills settled under mediclaims POS machines and Debit or credit cards. Reports of Payments recived outstandings failed payments etc.

I C D Database Updation

International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) a medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO). Each patient's disease is linked to ICD list. Category wise report and statistics are available.


Purchase Sales Issue of medicine to IPD. Medicines can be classified under different categories as per the salt or appearance. Return of items and issue Credit notes. Items can not be issued after the expiry date. Maintain safety stock level danger stock level and reorder level of items. Price and delivery comparison of previous purchases.

Staff Administration Duty Chart Management

Information about medical para-medical and non-medical staff. Duty chart preparation and execution. Infection control and inservice education. Assigning Jobs and tracking their progress. Identifying the absent staff from attendance system generates list of staff shortage. Reports like late comers early going unscheduled duty.

Payroll Statutory Records Management

Information about medical para-medical and non-medical staff. User defined salary structure and tax structure. Calculation of taxes PF ESIC etc. and salary generation. PF ESIC Challans can be directly uploaded to their portal from software. Registers like ESIC PF Bonus Taxes etc. Salary Slips Bank Transfer Letters etc. also available.

Attendance Management

Daily staff attendance can be recorded either manually or through the access controlling (biometric) devices if available. Staff attendance also can be recorded. Muster Register gets automatically maintained. Salary can be automatically calculated on the basis of biometric data.

Stores Inventory Management

'CuringCare' controls the inventory and also it handles Purchase Orders Material Receipts Rejections Scraps etc. It can provide you department wise stock even for previous date also. Rate and availability of items supplied By vendors also can be compared or retrieved. It can automatically request quotations for required items from related vendors generate purchase orders automatically to multiple vendors comparing prices make delivery schedules etc.

Point of sale

'CuringCare' has a Point of Sale module which manages the operation of cafeteria laundry linen stores etc. Software provides credit facility also to eligible patients and staff. Reports generated from this module includes sales report over a period of time credits settlements over a period of time etc.


Diagnostic Appointments Billing Scheduling Tokens Bill settlements to rooms staff complimentary etc.

Laboratory Imaging Reports

Investigation requisition can be raised from OPD IPD or Labs along with interpretations explanations. The system will have the provision to enter the high and low valid ranges for each test so that human errors are minimized. Special alert for the tests not falling under this value range. Comparative analysis of investigation results with previous records.

Medical Reports Management

All the diagnostic reports along with corresponding images linked with patient history and treatment charts. Each report will be available in the prescribed format to different departments. Administrators with authority can customize the formats and input values. Users can just input the value of findings after investigation and get the reports printed emailed or published.

Appointment Management

Doctor's Schedule Appointments. Emergency Confirmed and wait listed appointments. Prior intimation to patient via SMS or voice call. Diagnostic Schedule Appointments. Token System.

Casualty and Ambulance

Admissions as Routine or Casualty patients. Separate records maintained for casualty and routine patients. Reports and statistics on the basis of casualty and routine. Ambulance pickup and drop services. Pick up drop service on call billing cash or credit to room account.

Blood Bank Management

Store process retrieve and analyze information concerned with the administrative and inventory management within a blood bank. Maintaining all the information pertaining to blood donors different blood groups available in each blood bank and help them manage in a better way.

  • Easy and effective communication

The CuringCare Hospital management software does not only help to manage all the activities but also acts as a communication portal. You can send automated SMS and Emails to patients, or even staff for any communication. It also allows you to make a voice call which is providing the great level of experience to our users. In all, it takes care of easy and effective interaction among stakeholders. 

We have built an advanced technology-based Mobile Application for easy access to all the stakeholders. It can be downloaded free of cost by relevant patients from the Google Play Store or Apple store. This gives convenience to the users and also ensures that no update is missed with the feature of push notifications. So, anyone can access their account on CuringCare on the web or Mobile App according to their ultimate convenience. 

Other Features: The other valuable features that this platform are:

  • Utilise Id card designing and generation tool
  • Generate report cards through the platform
  • Automated birthday wishes to all the stakeholders
  • Manage gate pass entries digitally
  • Generate QR code-based Id cards for ease of operations across departments

In all, CuringCare is the complete management platform that works as an operating system for Hospitals. No wonder all these features available with CuringCare have made the experience of our users the best. This is why we have always been the best choice of Hospital Software Management System

Benefits of Hospital Management Software

Benefits to Management

Management is the busiest personnel of the Hospital. Therefore, systematic and robust software is required to handle their administrative functions effectively. This is where CuringCare has proved highly beneficial as they get to manage everything from one place.  Some of the benefits for management are:

  1. Improved operational efficiency
  2. Streamlined workflows and processes
  3. Enhanced data management and accessibility
  4. Real-time monitoring and reporting
  5. Improved financial performance
  6. Better collaboration and communication
  7. Enhanced regulatory compliance
  8. Advanced decision-making through data analytics
  9. Increased productivity
  10. Enhanced patient care and satisfaction.

Gets complete control over the over all activities and finances of the Hospital including department wise income and expenditure details. Gets all the data in one place and helps in decision making. Can monitor the growth of the Hospital both financially as well as in terms of services being provided, patient satisfaction and end to end result of treatment provided. Can access stock (inventory) details of the Hospital including laboratories, pharmacy, operation theatres, blood bank, etc. furniture and fixtures and other articles. Can seamlessly communicate with patients, attendants, doctors and staff. Can obtain customized reports with statistics. Manageable reports let you get any information that you can imagine, out of the input data with a sky is the only limit. Easy access to view all the records at a go, Minimization of redundant activities Instant view of MIS report on different parameters Provide single point of integration and control from Admin staff to Operational. Minimum risk of data loss due to multiple level automatic backup to multiple storage devices.

With all such advantages, any Hospital can envision better management and boost efficience with the Hospital Management Software - CuringCare.

Benefits to doctors

"Empowering Doctors with Hospital Management Software"
  1. Improved patient care and safety
  2. Streamlined workflows and processes
  3. Enhanced data management and accessibility
  4. Real-time monitoring and reporting
  5. Increased efficiency and productivity
  6. Better collaboration and communication
  7. Advanced decision-making through data analytics
  8. Enhanced patient engagement and satisfaction
  9. Improved financial performance
  10. Reduced administrative workload.

Easy access to reports, x=rays and images, prescriptions and treatment charts of own patients. Can communicate with the mangement, admin and operational staff online. Can track the progress of treatments undergoing, schedules, etc.

To patients

"Transforming Patient Experience with Hospital Management Software"

The Hospital Management System by CuringCare provides a greater advantage to patients as well. With access to each and everything on their laptop and mobile phone, they have the ultimate experience so far. The major advantages to patients are listed as:

  1. Improved patient care and safety
  2. Streamlined operations
  3. Increased efficiency and productivity
  4. Better patient engagement and satisfaction
  5. Enhanced data management and accessibility
  6. Real-time monitoring and reporting
  7. Improved financial performance
  8. Better collaboration and communication
  9. Enhanced regulatory compliance
  10. Advanced decision-making through data analytics.

Can be informed of the progress and activities in progress timely. Can be informed of the medications and precautions to be taken very clearly. Can easily communicate with doctors, nurses and administrative staff Can access reports, x-rays and images, prescriptions and treatment charts. Eases handling of patient records, following duty charts, etc. Facilitates easy handling of reports, x=rays and images, prescriptions and treatment charts.

With this, the patients are relieved from asking for necessary information about Hospital and ward activities. They get to access everything easily and can also communicate through this software for quick communication. 

Benefits to Administrative Staff

"Simplifying Hospital Administration with Management Software"

  1. Streamlined workflows and processes
  2. Improved data management and accessibility
  3. Enhanced regulatory compliance
  4. Real-time monitoring and reporting
  5. Increased efficiency and productivity
  6. Better collaboration and communication
  7. Advanced decision-making through data analytics
  8. Improved financial performance
  9. Enhanced patient care and satisfaction
  10. Reduced administrative workload.

Can automate collection, accept payments online, generate quick reports Can administrate and generate payroll accounting & attendance details. Can contact doctors, patients or other staff members effortlessly and effectively Can keep their working environment transpatient and performance visible to everyone Can initiate timely correspondence to other departments Can handle day to day activities like duty chart in a click of a button thus saving a great deal of time and with no complaints of partiality.

Benefits to Operational Staff

"Enhancing Hospital Operations with Management Software"

  1. Streamlined workflows and processes
  2. Improved data management and accessibility
  3. Real-time monitoring and reporting
  4. Increased efficiency and productivity
  5. Better collaboration and communication
  6. Enhanced regulatory compliance
  7. Advanced decision-making through data analytics
  8. Improved financial performance
  9. Enhanced patient care and satisfaction
  10. Reduced operational workload.

Get online access to the system from home or office. Can contact doctors and patients effortlessly and effectively Easy access to vital information at one click Can be informed of changes in duty schedules as per Hospital’s requirements Can review reports, x=rays and images, prescriptions and treatment charts just a click away

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